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We offer good reasons to be a channel partner

In terms of potential sectors, education and 'IDS Prime' are consistently growtion than today. The school, college, and institute industry is looking into reliable, cost-effective, comprehensive, and value-added ERP solutions to manage things more efficiently and connect key stakeholders.


Become a channel partner with us and discover immense opportunities! Here are a few key benefits:

  • imgTremendous market size
  • imgGrowth and future potential
  • imgIncreasing trend towards technology adoption
  • imgMinimal investment
  • imgAssured revenue stream
  • imgConsistent source of recurring income

Stages and formalities

  • imgUnderstand each other
  • imgShare your profile and aspirations
  • imgDecision phase
  • imgCompletion of formalities
  • imgTraining
  • imgReady to go!

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