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    School Management APP Benefits

  • imgInstant access to information facilitates faster and more effective decision making.
  • imgWith one School management app, you can manage multiple campuses efficiently.
  • imgTwo-way communication in real time.
  • imgSavings of time and money.
  • imgWith a touch screen, you can access all the information anytime, anywhere.

    Administrator Benefits

  • img Access to all departments quickly and efficiently.
  • imgReports can be accessed in a single click.
  • imgImporting and exporting data is convenient
  • imgSMS/notifications are quick and easy.
  • imgThe paperless process saves time and allows for greater agility
  • imgTeachers, parents, and students can communicate smarter with each other
  • imgA user-friendly solution that is automated, smart, and user-friendly

    Benefits for Teacher

  • imgFocus on student academics instead of administrative tasks.
  • imgAttendance, homework, and assignments are automated.
  • imgA 360-degree view of student performance is available.
  • imgExam & result management made easy.
  • imgInteraction and updates between teachers and parents are excellent.
  • imgReports and result cards are easily accessible online.
  • imgHard work with a smart edge

    Benefits for Parents

  • img Mobile attendance and assignment alerts every day.
  • imgPerformance tracking for exams and class tests.
  • imgCalendar, picture, and event news in real time.
  • imgPayments and receipts can be made online.
  • imgThe management of leave is paperless.excellent.
  • imgCommunication between teachers and parents that is effective.
  • imgSave time and money by eliminating travel hassles.
  • imgKeep up with class and campus activities

    Benefits for students

  • imgHomework and assignments can be done without paper.
  • imgAssignments / projects can be submitted online.
  • imgStay up-to-date with announcements, news, and events.
  • imgResults, timetables, and exam dates are available online.
  • imgYou will receive all updates even when you are absent.
  • imgStay connected with this great mode of communication"

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