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Yes, we do. The initial setup of all new customers includes training. You can complete this on campus or remotely. Moreover, custom training can be provided as needed. We also provide periodic online training sessions at no additional charge to our customers.

Currently, we cannot estimate, but based on our experience, it supports 5000 student records since IDS Prime works well with one of our clients after 5000 records. As it is SQL Server 2008, the database won't crash technically.

You can access it easily, yes. A student's history can be viewed from the moment they join to the moment they leave.

IDS Prime is a Client-Server Application where schools can have one Server and several Clients where they can access the server.

There is also a data backup facility for IDS Prime school management software. There is no difficulty in retrieving the customer's data.

Yes, of course. Accounting is a very strong part of our software since schools can manage their routines and export the data directly to Tally for further processing.

The school management software allows schools to upload their logos and names. With the Home screen of the IDS Prime software, they can even upload their school picture. We prefer to replace our Brand Logo and Name with the name that Distributors require after deciding the terms and conditions.

You can contact us at any time if you need support. We are also available to answer any questions you may have and assist with implementation. Our clients can reach us by email, chat, phone, personal visit, or Skype.

The Parent Portal allows parents and guardians to check student information, results, attendance, upcoming events, and extracurricular accounts from home, office, or any location. A real-time link in today's 24/7 world enhances the school's standing with parents.

The school's website can be designed and hosted by IDS Prime with a responsive design and a parent portal that parents can easily access.

We can answer your questions via email at [email protected] or by phone ( 8764122221) or visit your school to clarify everything for you.

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