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What is School Management Software?

In today's time, every school worldwide needs one or even another sort associated with School Management System which is also known as School Management Software. The majority of the colleges have experienced many other types of systems. On the other hand, due to restrictions on features, product experience, or customer care problems, they look for better options.

IDS Prime School Management Software offers the best of technology to help provide fish hunters with a 360-degree experience at schools that not only boosts the efficiency of administrative personnel but also improves the experiences and productivity of all stakeholders: principals, Management, educators, administrative staff, college students, and parents.

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Developing a dynamic system with a bird view involving information and records will give the following power levels together with quick decision-making for the principal or perhaps management person. IDS Prime offers more ordinary Management Dash and data revealing functions and has a dynamic access privileges mechanism that gets to be a blessing to get management personnel.

  • Class Management
  • Subject Management
  • Timetable Management
  • Exam Category
  • Student Exam Category Result
  • Exam Result
  • Event Management
  • Post Homework
  • Store Management
  • Payroll Management
  • SMS Management
  • Report Center Management
  • Public Relation Management

Having excellent access to Institution Management System dash and Mobile Software multiplies the output of educational in addition to the non-academic staff. Getting power to record essential activities in the system reduces the problem and boosts the particular velocity of connection. Keeping data and access regarding data when necessary make their lifestyle super easy

  • Manage Timetable
  • Import Exam Result
  • Import Co-School Activity Result
  • Student Attendance
  • Post Homework
  • Students View

The mobile iPhone app and web admittance of school technique make life involving students, mothers, and fathers simple. Accessing all of the info in an iPhone app dash increases overall the web connectivity with the school. That brings better mastering outcomes for pupils. Having learning methods access on typically the software and process gives freedom to the student to find out anytime, anywhere together with their rate.

  • Fee Management
  • Child's Activities Update
  • Daily Attendance Alerts
  • Subject Wise Homework Alerts
  • Class Tests & Exam Results Updates
  • School Events Updates
  • SMART E-Diary
  • Homework Alerts
  • School Activities Updates
  • Access School Photo Gallery

What is School Management Software?

A school management software is a collection associated with computer instructions, mainly designed to handle the day-to-day management tasks of colleges. School management software programs allow schools to monitor particular everyday activities digitally and manage all of the sources and information on one platform. In modern, nearly all the colleges are utilizing school administration software to improve effectiveness and productivity, so conserving a lot regarding the time involved to carry out different administrative operations. These kinds of software also aid in reducing the pressure of handling massive data by schools.


From monitoring a student's attendance to creating aesthetic report credit cards with a solitary click, the school software, lets schools carry out many associated tasks with the special power software. Parents may easily manage their ward's functionality and follow their academic requirements. The school management system has rightly substituted the traditional method regarding data management using pen and enrolls, thus reducing the likelihood of procedure mistakes. Furthermore, a great deal of expenditure plus time is stored, letting the college staff perform even more operate a reduced amount of moment and so using higher accuracy.

Although the whole administration technique runs efficiently, schools can offer students an even more effective and positive academic experience than ever before, providing every scholar with an educative experience that is more tailored. IDS Prime's school managing system is one such software that has been specially designed and produced to conform to every one of the requirements regarding different schools. That helps you save time and funds and can help increase the productivity and productivity of your respective workforce. High acceleration, security, and convenience of use are a couple of the features that will align with IDS Prime's school management software program.


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Benefits Of iDS Prime's School Management Software

This consists of files Management of all pupils teacher and oldsters, as this program ideal for fog up based system together with so there can be no restriction involving the particular device, spot or time. An individual can access that from anywhere, whenever, with any product. A few of them are- THE FRONT OFFICE-This includes all of the data accessibility related to the front office like grievance, calling, inquiry, and targeted visitor book.

University ERP helps create swiftly multiple timetables together with homework which preserve a sufficient volume of administrative moment and effort. By School Administration Program, it is an uncomplicated task to take care of the Proxy period involving teachers, which preserves the time together with the measures of management staff. Creating a plan, assigning a proxy period, and managing teachers' timetable is incredibly easy with the Institute Management.

This includes employee details and offers a new feature to generate a separate account for every single of those.

This module manages just about all the wage-connected work for employees. Their deduction, benefit, and leave may be calculated with this automated system.

This manages most of the cost-relevant features like cost payment, Management regarding cost payment specifics, and provides payment tips to parents.

This component manages all the particular students and educators' attendance and provides notice to

Parents about their kid occurrence and lack. It will always be an easy activity to keep review collection on this computer software.

School Management software aims to give customers a new platform to further improve their student's literary expertise by designing a School Library Management instrument. The library enhances the communautaire creative imagination of learners, highlighting the library's perspective to generate the impression of changing instances that can be managed in an improved way utilizing the latest technology. School Library Management Program is a part of the Institute Management Program, which focuses on specific issues confronted by libraries plus its operating professionals/librarians.

Examination instances are the most popular for every school. School exam management software eases the process of examination operations in schools. Typically the examination management manages crucial businesses, just as defining class-wise assessment schemes, grading/passing standards, paper evaluation, and even final report card generation, and therefore forth and quickly simplifies the exam-related jobs of college. School management software is a robust, nicely comprehensive answer to automate, improve, and manage the particular exam-related activities of any school. Designed within the latest framework, the specific college examination method can be successfully performed in-house as correctly as online examinations in the institution.

PRM (Personal Relation Management) module provides access to complete.

Why choose IDS Prime For Your School Management Software


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Comprehensive school managment software including 20+ modules, available on SaaS and hosted on Google App Engine integrated with email & mobile SMS.


Personalised School Mobile App with login for Student, Parent, Teacher & Management giving realtime information and alerts for latest happening at the school.


iDS Prime is secured with database encryption and security tools which means your school data is in secure hands.


Dynamic School Website powered with properitory CMS for easy updation including pages, circulars, notices, image gallery, downloads, etc. with SEO and SMM services.


Enhanced Branding with designing and printing services including prospectus, flyers, billboards, office stationary & promotional materials.


iDS Prime UI helps you easily customize the look and feel of the application with the presentation of information to different user groups.

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