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Data Security

We are committed to protecting our clients data.

It is important that consumers protect their data, but don't worry. Your data is safe with us. Our company fully respects each institute s privacy and security in the www age; we understand the importance of data security in today s world. With IDS Prime cloud, you are protected with high-quality SSL. In an encrypted format, SSL stores and communicates securities data. SSL protects the data of millions of people every day on the Internet, especially during online transactions or when sending confidential information.

Data Protection

IDS Prime uses 256-bit AES encryption and SSL security for all data it stores. New enhancements and updates will be added from time to time to strengthen data security further. Our clients information is completely secure and safe.

Secure Access

Each user type has a unique ID and password for accessing IDS Prime instances. A director, administrator, teacher, parent, or student can only access their own accounts.

Data Recovery

IDS Prime cloud storage ensures clients' data is always available with multiple redundancies and disaster recovery processes. To ensure efficient & quick data recovery, our team regularly backs up data


IDS Prime can integrate various third-party software and hardware solutions, such as applications and RFIDs. Every integration ensures data privacy and security with 3rd party vendors.

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